Comparative guide 

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Explore oil, stain and paint to ensure the protection of your exterior wood surfaces.

It is unavoidable to protect its exterior wooden surfaces. But, how to choose the product that offer maximum protection to your patio,
your outdoor furniture, your exterior cladding, your fence, or your dock, etc.

Explore oil, stain and paint!

With this ebook you will get:

  • a comparative table of the three different protective products;
  • sound advice from wood finishing professional on application methods;
  • a step-by-step application guide for your project;
  • the strengths and weaknesses of oil, paint and stain;
  • recommendations on maintenance, moisture and waterproofing products;
  • the impact of each product on the environment and human health. 

As a bonus, get advice from experienced woodworkers and learn about the best application practices to turn your exterior project into a real success!

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